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 “I had it first!”

“No, HE took it from me!”

“That’s not true,

Just ask Jimmy!”

 “We were playing right here,

Me, Jimmy and Dean,

Then HE came over,

And started acting all mean!”

HE took OUR blocks,

We were doing just fine,

Then HE took a bunch more,

And yelled, THOSE ARE MINE!”

 “Calm down,” said the teacher.

“Let’s not make this any worse.

Now one at a time,

Michael, you go first.”

 “Well, Jimmy, Dean and I,

Were playing with the toys,

Then Connor came along,

And that made it FOUR boys.

You told us that the rule,

Is three kids to a game,

So if we added Connor in,

It wouldn’t be the same.

So one of us had to go,

But the three of us were fine.

If Connor really wants to play,

Then HE should wait in line!”

 “That is our rule,” the teacher said.

“The boys do seem to know.

So what do you think, Connor?

Is there somewhere else you could go?”

 “HE can play with us.”

And with that, Cameron invited

Connor to join her play group.

HE seemed rather excited.

 Not too long after that

When indoor recess was done,

Connor went to Cameron and said,

“Thanks, I had lots of fun!”

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