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Sundays at Nonni’s House

On Sundays we go to Nonni’s house,

I always put on a pretty new blouse.

The ride over can be a bit long,

While we’re in the car, we all sing songs.

Before you know it, we are there.

Nonni’s out sitting on the stairs,

She’s waiting for us to arrive,

Now that we’re here, we all go inside.


Her Sunday dinners are just SOOOOO good,

And I like the kids in her neighborhood.

Courtney lives across the way,

Sometimes she’ll come out to play.

My brother says he doesn’t like girls,

He often pulls on Courtney’s curls.

I think that’s just because he likes her,

When she’s around, his words, they slur.


Nonni says, “Dinner’s on the stove.”

We’re all so happy that we drove

To see my Nonni. I love her so much.

I like all those tea cups in her old hutch.

We’ll take some out and have some tea,

Nonni will always play pretend with me.

She makes time to just sit and be silly.

Is that sauce on the stove, or is it her chili?


“Nonni, what smells so good today?”

She’s setting tea cups on her silver tray.

“Your favorite, my darling, pasta and meatballs.”

But as she says it, a tiny tea cup falls.

I move in quick, try  to catch the cup,

But in no time at all, it’s all broken up.

“Oh, SHOOP,” is all she has to say.

“These old bones get clumsier every day!”


I stop, wondering just how old my Nonni can be.

She doesn’t look that old to me.

I get out the dust pan to help clean up

All the pieces of the broken cup.

When that’s all done, we head on in,

To see what’s cooking in Nonni’s kitchen.

Her big wooden spoon stirs the pot,

“Carefull,” she says.  “It’s really hot!”


Nonni and I, we set out the dishes.

She whispers to me, “Any special wishes?”

I tell her I want lots of ice cream for dessert.

She smiles, “A little extra ice cream NEVER hurts.”

She laughs, then gets down close to my ear,

“Quick, look outside, do you see the deer?”

I turn and look around to see

A doe, over there, eating Nonni’s pine tree.


We’re laughing.  Mom asks, “What’s so funny?”

Nonni says, “Time to fill empty tummies.”

She winks at me as we find our chairs.

Mom’s looking at us, with a funny stare.

“Spaghetti and meatballs!” my brother yells.

He ran in so fast, he almost fell.

Sundays at Nonni’s, nothing is better

Than being with family, all together!


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    I absolutely love this story and I look forward to reading more!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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